If you’re looking for a replacement for Project Wonderful to trade or buy ads for your comic project then you might want to give ComicAd Network a shot. I never got a chance to post ads for PW, but I’m going to try out CAN for a while and see how it does. They focus specifically on ads for comics, which I like.

I have placed a couple ad boxes: one in the sidebar and one on the links page. I don’t think they’ll be too intrusive and hopefully you’ll find some interesting comics there soon.

ComicAd Network

From what I’ve heard, ad revenue in this day of ad blockers is not viable so I don’t expect much from it. ComicAd Network doesn’t seem to be doing anything new, so it probably won’t last too long, but I figure it can’t hurt to try and if it earns me some extra change and some page views then nothing lost.

It would be cool if they come up with some new twist that makes this work and they stick around for a while. Hopefully they realize that just doing the same thing Project Wonderful did isn’t going to work in the long run and they’re brain storming new angles to incorporate. Good luck, CAN!