The Comic

Pacifica is a fantasy comic inspired by growing up in the Pacific northwest and the amazing natural beauty of that region. Elements of this original fantasy world were drawn from the wildlife and environments that give this area it’s unique feel. Although some elements may seem familiar to the fantasy genre, I’ve tried to mix things up a bit and add some twists to the usual depictions.

The Artist

Tait is an artist from northern California. Growing up he spent a lot of time wandering the forests of Humboldt County. Later, he obtained a BA in Art from Humboldt State University. This is his first real attempt at a long-form comic.

Questions & Answers

How often/when does the comic update?
Due to various things making life chaotic right now, the update schedule is sporadic. I am trying to get back to a monthly update schedule, but it’s not clear when this will be possible at the moment. I am continuing work on the comic though.

On weeks that the comic doesn’t update I may post previews, sketches, or other goodies to pass the time to the next update.

How can I support Pacifica?
The best way to support Pacifica is to follow the comic on one of it’s various social media pages and share links with your friends. Be sure to let your friends know why you enjoy the comic when you link it. If you’d like to get some extra rewards and don’t mind spending a little money then check out Pacifica’s Patreon page.