Indefinite Hiatus

Due to continuing life issues which are making it difficult to work on the comic, Pacifica will be taking an indefinite hiatus until I can get some of these things worked out. I will of course continue working on it as I can, but I will not be making regular updates on the site or Patreon for a while.

All current content will remain on the site for those who wish to view it during the break. I hope to be back as soon as possible, but due to the complexity of things I am unable to provide an estimate for when that will be.

You can follow me on Twitter to keep up on news of when the comic may return.

Thanks to everyone who has been following the comic and those who check it out in the future. Your support and understanding is greatly appreciated.

Page 17 Delay

Page 17 should have been up on Patreon this Friday, but it’s not going to be ready. That means it will also be delayed for the site.

This page has a lot of panels and there’s been some things going on preventing me from working on it. I apologize for the delay and will try to get it out as soon as possible. I’m aiming to have it up on Patreon next week and on the site the week after that. Thanks for understanding.