Enter the Finding a Path Giveaway!

In this giveaway I’ll be sending out 6 copies of Pacifica: Finding a Path to three lucky people on Twitter and three on Instagram!

Winners have their choice of a physical copy sent through the mail or a PDF which can be downloaded from Gumroad or itch.io. I will pick the winners on January 21, 2022 and contact them through Twitter or Instagram.

Entering is simple:

Leave a comment on this Twitter post or this Instagram post. Tag two friends and retweet or share the post to your story. Lastly, follow @pacificacomic! Four simple steps to win 32 pages of Pacifica comic goodness!

Pacifica: Finding A Path is a 32 page fantasy adventure comic. It follows the young woodsman, Gavin, as he sets out to find his childhood friend Diana. His journey quickly becomes more eventful than he imagined. Cheeky chipmunks, and hostile salamander folks are just the beginning in this tale of mountain men, monsters, and magic.

If you haven’t read the comic yet and want to check it out first you can do that here.

This giveaway is not affiliated with Twitter, Instagram, Gumroad, or itch.io. No purchase necessary.

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