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Gavin Cast ImageGavin
First Appearance: Setting Out
A reclusive young woodsman who has set out alone to find his only childhood friend. Carrying a possibles bag, ax, and a medallion given to him by Diana, Gavin soon gets into trouble over his head and realizes he’s going to need some help to reach the city of Haven.

Diana Cast ImageDiana
First Appearance: Who’s This?
An independent, young mountain woman who left the village of Nook four years ago. Diana was one of several villagers to receive an offer of education and housing in exchange for service to the Church of the Goddess in Haven.

Gale Cast ImageGale
First Appearance: How Can You Tell?
A headstrong martial artist of the bird-people who is traveling with her brother Zephyr. Gale tends to be distrustful of non-bird-people, especially humans. She has a loyal and protective nature towards Zephyr although they often clash over the proper course of action.

Zephyr Cast ImageZephyr
First Appearance: How Can You Tell?
A quiet and kindly herbalist of the bird-people. Some say it’s miraculous what Zephyr can achieve with some herbs and by laying on of the hands, but such compliments can be dangerous in a world where magic is widely feared. Therefore, Zephyr and his sister stay on the move and use his skills as sparingly as possible.

Other cast members revealed as they appear! Check back as the story progresses.

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