Places of Pacifica

The Republic of Pacifica has 3 active forts. The largest is located in the city of Haven. The two smaller forts act as outposts for the northern and southern areas of the republic.

The total human and non-human population of Pacifica is around 162,080 beings.


Population: Approximately 6327

Sequoia is the capitol of The Republic of Pacifica. Although this city has a large number of other species, it is dominated mainly by humans. It sits on Fairhaven Bay and is the central hub for trade in the area. Otterfolk sailors make up most of the workforce on the docks.

Most of the fishing occurs in Fairhaven and South Bays. The opening to the Pacific Ocean is very narrow and treacherous, shipwrecks are common when attempting to navigate it. Sea serpents are also a frequent problem upon leaving the bay. The dangerous inlet protects the bay from most of these monsters, but smaller ones will occasionally make their way in.


Population: 92

A small village on the northeastern edge of the republic. Farming and timber are it’s main trades. Mining may be profitable in the surrounding mountains. A search to find out what ores are hidden there recently began.