Pacifica Comic Update March 2024 – Hosting Issues and More

Hey, everyone!

Welcome to the March update for Pacifica.

I’ve been having some problems with the website and mailing list. I think I have the mailing list worked out, but I still need some help with one of the other issues.

Web Hosting Woes!

My web hosting will renew in a couple days, but I cannot pay it. My websites and as well as my email through those domains will go down which will cause me a bunch of headaches. I am currently filing for disability, but will not get a decision for at least a couple more months. I appreciate any help, I use these sites to promote myself and others. If you’d like to help out and get some art rewards in return then please check out my Ko-fi or Patreon. You can get access to more of my art and sketches as well as an invite to my Discord server. At last check I’m about 23% away from keeping the sites and email up and running. Thanks!

New Comic Page!

In other news, a new page of Birds of a Feather went up which you can read here. If you’d like to read further ahead that is another bonus for Ko-fi and Patreon members. Join the club and you can read six months ahead of the free site in the story.


I also updated the Events page with upcoming appearances. For the time being these are just appearances at the Redwood Flea Market, but I will be looking for other local events to add as well.

I mentioned a local comic con being put together in the last update. I got in contact with one of the organizers a couple days ago and that is still in the works, but looks like it will be pushed back to June. Fingers crossed that it all comes together. Putting together meet-ups and events is quite the challenge and I would really like for local comic creators to have more of a presence.

Web hosting issues aside, 2024 seems to be trending upwards and I hope you’re all having a better year as well. I look forward to meeting other comic creators and fans as the year progresses. As always, thank you for checking out my work and showing an interest in Pacifica!

– Tait