Mailing List for Pacifica Updates

I just set up a Pacifica mailing list so that people can have site updates delivered to them. I could use some help testing it out and getting feedback. You can use the form on the left or this link to sign up:

Subscribing to this list will give you updates whenever I make a new post to the web site which should be no more than once or twice a month. Posts are typically made when a new comic goes up or I have some other Pacifica related news to share. (Such as creating this mailing list.)

Of course the other way to get new comic updates to your mailbox and some other nifty bonuses is to support the comic on Patreon. That will net you larger page images two weeks before the new pages are posted to the site. Other rewards include wallpapers, sketches, and special titles in the Pacifica Discord server. It also brings me one step closer to making Pacifica my daily job, which means more story for everyone!

Mailing List Alternative

You can also check out the Support page to find other ways of helping out with the comic. Thank you to everyone for checking Pacifica out.