Pacifica Comic Update April 2024: Humboldt Hobby-Con, Inkverse

Welcome, all, to the April 2024 update for Pacifica!

New comic page for the free site:

Birds of a Feather, Page 12

If you need to catch up on previous pages you can do that here.


I have updated the Events page with Humboldt Hobby-Con which I will hopefully be attending in August. It sounds like it will be a great event at the Veteran’s Memorial Building in Eureka with many local crafters.


Last time I talked about needing to get my web hosting renewed and thanks to the help of fans who made donations to my Ko-fi and Patreon the sites are now paid for and will be up for at least the next two years. Thank you to everyone who helped out so that I can continue to follow my dream! Said fans on both sites have access to the next six pages of the comic, sketches, concept art, photography, and other bonuses. Check it out at the links above.

YouTube Guest and Inkverse

Yesterday evening I chatted for a bit with a couple streamers about Pacifica and comics in general.  Watch, their show here.

During that interview I mention a new comic reading app called Inkverse that I hope to put Pacifica on at some point. If you’d like to find out more about that app here. It’s in the early stages and is being worked on by a small team, but I really like what they’ve put together so far and how devoted to comic creators they seem to be. There is a video on YouTube that the devs live-streamed about what they hope to accomplish with the project.

And that covers all the news I have for this month. Thanks again for checking out my work and I hope to see you at local events or back here again next month!