Pacifica Lore: The Humans

Some say the humans came to Pacifica from across the sea. Others say that they were refugees from the chaotic southern lands. It was so long ago that no one remembers where they came from.

What is known is that the first humans in Pacifica settled on the bay and built the city of Haven.

Relations with the native beings of the area started off well. The group of humans was fairly small at first and helped by local kin to survive. Their technology and science was useful in fighting back the monsters that had appeared during the God Wars. This allowed the population of the city to grow. Small groups from other lands would also occasionally arrive to settle.

In more recent times, with fewer monsters and the growing human population, tension has increased between species. Some humans feel that their intellect and technology were gifts from the Goddess to help them govern over the other beings of the land.

Jay-kin have an especially hard time in human communities due to their resemblance to demons from old stories. Fear and discrimination against them has always been common, but has spread to other kin as well.