World Building – February Update

More of Pacifica's world!

I am working on some writing in my down time to share the world building I’ve been doing. I’m hoping to eventually lay out a world guide to expand the setting and give readers a broader look at the world without having to wait for new pages of the comic.

Ultimately I think it would be neat if it ended up being a sort of campaign guide for a tabletop role-playing game. The first step is just the generic campaign environment that could be adapted to any game system. Later on I may take a stab at setting up some base rules for a Pacifica specific game setting.

The first experiment with this expanded world lore is up on Patreon right now. It’s a limited exclusive for patrons and those in the Pacifica Discord. It becomes public on 3/4/19.

Right now I plan to write more of this background stuff when I can’t work on the comic. Once I get enough material I can put it up here in a more organized form at some future date.

Don’t forget, all patrons names are on the Legends page. I truly appreciate everyone who helps me continue working on Pacifica!