Hurry! Limited Edition Pacifica Book Hits Kickstarter Aug 23rd!

Pacifica, Vol #1, Finding A Path

Pacifica comes to Kickstarter on Aug 23rd! Hit the notification button to be one of the first to have a crack at the Limited Artist Editions.

The Artist Edition of Pacifica, Vol #1, Finding A Path will be a 8.5″ x 11″ book with 32 pages. Each comic will be signed and have a sketch from the artist! These are limited to 200 copies. The Kickstarter will have 150 copies so visit the project page to be one of the first notified.

Even if you don’t plan on supporting the Kickstarter, hitting the notification button will let the algorithm know that people are interested in the project. This makes it more likely that KS will help promote the book. This is a FREE way you can help Pacifica be successful!

Keep checking back in the coming weeks for more details about the campaign!

Thank you.