Finding – Page 21 – Close Call

Whoa! Gavin's having a close call here! Will he be able to escape? Those little sal-kin are pretty fast for having such short legs. I was going to experiment with breaking up this page differently, but then I realized that the aspect ratios of the panels would basically make it turn out to be one panel per page, which I feel would be too much clicking. Maybe in the next chapter I will really switch things up and do more layouts that are a single row of panels at a larger size. Speaking of the next chapter we are only three pages away from the end of this one! Whew. It's been a long slow road, but I think there has been a lot of progress and improvement. My goal is that each chapter of the comic will become better than the last. Keep checking back to find out what kind of close call Gavin will have next! The action is going to stay high through the end of the chapter. P.S. - If you're enjoying the comic, don't forget to vote for it over on Top Web Comics so that more people can find out about it! Also check out the Support Page to find other ways to help out the comic.