Finding – Page 24 – Cliffhanger

Here it is! The final page of Finding a Path! As the title says, it's a cliffhanger. Gavin's in bad shape, but don't worry, there are more adventures to come. Chapter two, Birds of a Feather, will pick up from here. The first page is already up on Patreon so go check it out! Page two should be following shortly if it's not already up by the time this is posted. I hope everyone has enjoyed the first chapter. If so consider checking out my Patreon for more Pacifica goodness. If you'd rather leave a one time tip I also have a Ko-Fi for that purpose. You can check out the Legends page to see who's already supporting the comic! Thank you for reading Pacifica, and I'll see you when the next chapter is posted! P.S. - If you're unfamiliar with the term, Cliffhanger comes from the old serial adventure films that would often end with the hero literally hanging from the edge of a cliff.