Finding – Page 20 – Here Comes Trouble

This looks like trouble. Remember the bit about hostile sal-kin earlier? This would be them. Better run fast, Gavin. Just four more pages in chapter one! It's been a long, slow road, but thank you to everyone who has stuck around for the ride! Gavin will be getting into and out of much more trouble as the story progresses. If you'd like to see some larger images of this page and get some other neat extras as well you can become a patron of Pacifica for as little as $2 a month. Extras include special titles in the Pacifica Discord, your name on the Legends page, early access to new pages, wallpapers, sketches, and more! Some random notes: The sal-kin are also known as Urodela. These Urodela are based loosely on Pacific giant salamanders, although others may appear later on. Designing the outfits for them was fun. I imagine them as being raiders and scavengers who are generally outcast by most other races, so much of their clothing is ill fitting and mismatched. They tend to use things in unusual ways to suit their needs. The Urodela tend to stab first and ask questions later where other beings are concerned. This is in part due to the mistreatment they tend to receive from other intelligent beings in the realm.

They are quite resilient and can regenerate lost limbs. This regenerative ability encourages their aggressiveness since severe wounds can often be healed with time.