Finding – Page 6 – Travelers

Gavin's not really eager to encounter other travelers. He'd rather avoid people whenever possible. This page took a long time. I went back and redrew a bunch of the ferns because I didn't like the way they looked, then I got way too detailed. It took forever to finish. This is page one of a two page update today. If the second page isn't up yet, just try again in a couple minutes and it should be there. At some time in the future I'd like to do more frequent updates, but for now it's going to be 2-3 pages at the beginning of each month. I'm working on a lot of art for the site and promoting the comic right now. Once I get some of that stuff done I'll hopefully have more time to devote towards pages. I'm also looking for ways to speed up my work flow, but right now these smaller, spread out updates are all I can do. At any rate, I hope everyone is enjoying the comic! Please stick around to see what happens next and thanks for reading!