Prose on Patreon

I’ve uploaded the rough draft of a Pacifica prose story I’m working on to Patreon. Backers at the $5 level or higher can read it on Patreon or DL it as a .docx file.

I plan to be releasing more of these stories in the future as one of the ways to give patrons more bang for their buck and to expand the world of Pacifica. Here’s a snippet of the current story, The Lone Hunter, to whet your appetite:

The Lone Hunter (Rough Draft 1)
by Tait

Zeb. John. Dale. All the others were dead.

It was just Leroy crashing through the brush now. In a blind panic the man tripped on a protruding root and fell flat on his face where he lay stunned for a few seconds.


The man jumped up and began priming his longrifle. Black powder. Patch. Bullet. Ball starter. Ramrod. He struggled with the ramrod. His hands shaking so badly that he missed the barrel of the rifle completely on the first try. Leroy glanced around nervously as he packed the shot. He would have only one. There was no sign of the beast, but he knew it was there. Somewhere. He added the primer powder to the pan and snapped it shut. Ready to fire.

The creature had been terrorizing the area for weeks. It was a huge, demonic thing, which was rare so close to the settled lands of humans in this day. Built like a mountain lion, but with a rough, scaly hide. Horns crowned its head and spikes ran down its spine. The thing was called a hellcat, because surely that’s where it came from.

Leroy frantically looked around for the beast. Nothing could be seen and the forest was dead silent except for the sound of his heavy breathing. There was too much cover for the hellcat to sneak up on him here. He needed to get to someplace more open.

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Patrons can comment and leave feedback on this story. It is currently just over two pages long. I will be going back to revise and expand it at some point in the future. Future revisions will also be available for patrons to read.

The World Guide will be expanded with more prose as I am able.