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Pacifica: Birds, Page 7, Gale vs. Hellcat (Part 3) Close Call

That was close! Gale narrowly escapes being roasted. It turns out this foe was even more capable than expected.

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Pacifica Returns!

It’s been rough getting the comic going again, but Pacifica will be back TOMORROW, 2/3/17, for $3 and up Patreons! Updates will probably only be one page for a while as things are still a bit chaotic at the moment. Yep, $3 and up. There were some changes to the reward tiers. You can read about the details here. Now is a great time to jump in if you’ve been waiting for a new page! If you want to wait for the smaller, free page then that will be here on the site next Friday, 2/10/17.

Brief Hiatus

Unfortunately, the past month has been somewhat chaotic. Illness and various obligations have kept me from keeping up with the comic. As a result the update is not ready for Patreon this week and rather than rush it out tomorrow or next week I’ve decided I’d rather just take a brief hiatus since it looks like this month is going to be more of the same. (There’s going to be some foreseeable computer downtime next week.) My hope is to start posting pages again in February. That will give me time to work on the story and art to create better pages than if I were rushing to keep up. I may try and throw up some new rewards on Patreon during that time, but there will be no new pages. There is a fair mount of content for new patrons to look at though and any support during the next couple months would be appreciated. I apologize for the delay and as always I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read Pacifica. Thanks for understanding.

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