Birds, Page 3, You're Right
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Birds, Page 3, You’re Right

"You're right" can be a hard thing to say. Gale is stubborn, but willing to admit when others have a point. She also knows that her brother tends to be sensible.

This page is going up a couple hours early because I'm using a different comic CMS and I need to get used to it.

The CMS came with a new site theme and of course I had to customize it. I'm fairly happy with the look and I hope all of you enjoy it. Of particular note, I think the Legends page looks much better now. Small bugs and rough edges are still popping up here and there. If you happen to stumble across something that seems to be broken drop me a message on Twitter.

Bigger Comics!

So, I posted about the bigger comics on social media, but forgot to actually mention it here! I re-uploaded all of the pages. They’re now about 20% larger. This fills up the space better and should make them easier to read! Enjoy!

Site Launches! Here We Go!

Alright, it’s time to get this site going!The site will be getting more frequent updates now and I’ll be looking for ways to improve it. I plan on adding more about the characters and world of Pacifica as I’m able. Maybe there will even be some hidden goodies eventually if I can find the time. Check out what’s here so far. It’s really exciting to be sharing it!If you find any problems, have questions, or comments, let me know through Twitter or e-mail. Have fun exploring!

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