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Birds, Page 4, Things Get Dire

Well, this is ominous. What's approaching and will the group make it out okay?

If you're curious about my working process and finding out more about Pacifica, two interviews with me were posted recently. The first is on Ink, Sweat, and Tears. The second is on Discover Comics. Please check them out.

Also, here on the site, there are now vertical scrolling versions of the comic as one big scrolling page. Check them out if you'd prefer to read the comic in a webtoon type format rather than clicking from one page to the next. Chapter one is here, and Chapter two is here.

Site Launches! Here We Go!

Alright, it’s time to get this site going!The site will be getting more frequent updates now and I’ll be looking for ways to improve it. I plan on adding more about the characters and world of Pacifica as I’m able. Maybe there will even be some hidden goodies eventually if I can find the time. Check out what’s here so far. It’s really exciting to be sharing it!If you find any problems, have questions, or comments, let me know through Twitter or e-mail. Have fun exploring!

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