Interview on Art of Webcomics

Art of Webcomics posted a nice interview with me. If you’d like to learn more about the comic, me, or my process of working then please check it out. It’s a pretty cool site and has interviews and links with many other comics.

If you’d like to follow Art of Webcomics on Twitter to keep up with them then you can find them @ArtofWebcomics

Also, don’t forget to check my links page for other comic suggestions!

Ohana Comic Con @ Blue Lake

My wife (Sarah) and I will be attending Ohana Comic Con at Blue Lake Casino & Hotel later this month.

I’m hoping to give out some knickknacks promoting the comic. It will probably just be some little buttons and cards, but we’d like to meet and/or make some new fans there. If you’re in the northern Humboldt area comic check it out and look for us. I’m not sure if we will be there both days, but we’ll definitely attend on Saturday.

New Patreon Page, New Discord Link

Page 19 just went up for $1 and up patrons on Patreon!

It’s a little late due to some crazyness with in-laws staying at our house due to the Carr Fire. The good news is that their house is still standing and they’ve been allowed to go home, so I should be able to get back to work.

Also, there were some problems with bots coming into the Discord server, so I had to shut down the link for a while. I think I figured out the problem and there’s a new link now, so feel free to drop in and chat with us!