Continuing Hiatus

I just realized that I have not posted an update on the continuing hiatus here. I thought I had. Apologies.

Things are a bit better now, but I still don’t feel like I can resume the comic yet. This is really frustrating to me because I want to start posting updates again as soon as possible, but I don’t want to “return” just to have to take another break again in a couple months. Rest assured, I am doing everything I can to improve my situation so that I can get this project moving again. I can’t even express what this comic means to me.

I am still reluctant to give a return date for the comic. There are still too many unknowns swirling about in my life, but the continuation of this story gets closer every day. Thank you to everyone who continues to check in and support my work. You’re all awesome!

For those who were unaware, you can also follow me on twitter for updates. I’m much more active there about what’s happening and where I am with things.