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Birds, Page 3, You’re Right

"You're right" can be a hard thing to say. Gale is stubborn, but willing to admit when others have a point. She also knows that her brother tends to be sensible.

This page is going up a couple hours early because I'm using a different comic CMS and I need to get used to it.

The CMS came with a new site theme and of course I had to customize it. I'm fairly happy with the look and I hope all of you enjoy it. Of particular note, I think the Legends page looks much better now. Small bugs and rough edges are still popping up here and there. If you happen to stumble across something that seems to be broken drop me a message on Twitter.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

2019 was a pretty good year for Pacifica and I’m working on making 2020 the best one yet.

How am I going to do that? Let me lay it out for you:

  • Finish Finding A Path (“Chapter one” of Pacifica)
  • Start chapter two. (I have a title, but that’s a surprise for later)
  • Expand the newly introduced World Guide
  • Share more world lore and concept art
  • Collect Finding A Path into a book
  • Other side projects that are to be announced later

All these things are in various stages and will happen this year. I am super excited to be working on the comic on a daily basis now!

Along with the above mentioned steps, I will also be changing the comic’s format when chapter two starts. Pages will be vertical rather than horizontal and I will be switching over to a new font. These changes should not only improve the comic visually, but help me keep up with the more frequent updates.

It looks like it’s going to be a great year, and I hope all of you have a great one too!

Pacifica Summary

Pacifica is a fantasy comic inspired by growing up in the Pacific northwest and the beautiful nature of that region. Elements of this original fantasy world were drawn from the wildlife and environments that give this area its unique feel. Although the fairy tale archetypes may seem familiar to fantasy webcomics, I’ve tried to vary things a bit and add some twists to the usual depictions.

Expect a Grimm fairy tales type atmosphere with mountain men, monsters, and magic.

The story starts with Gavin, a young man unhappy with his current lot in life, who sets out to search for a childhood friend and find out what the world outside his home village has to offer. What perils will Gavin encounter along the way? Harsh weather, unforgiving terrain, and fairy tale villains may be just the beginning. You’ll have to check back to find out what our protagonist encounters as the adventures continue.

If you’d like to receive new content sooner and score other bonuses you can join the Pacifica community on Patreon! Patrons of Pacifica gain access to the Discord server in addition to exclusive previews, sketches, wallpapers, and more. Patrons also get the new comic pages two weeks before they appear anywhere else! Head to Patreon and join the adventures now!

If you prefer Ko-fi you can use that for access to the Discord server and your name (or a name of your choosing, provided it is appropriate) on the Legends page. I will give these people a shout out whenever possible as they help make the creation of new pages possible.

December Update

There’s been some turmoil and stress that has been impacting my work on the comic. These things are not directly related to the comic itself, but rather my day job that supports me while I work on this project.

There has been both good news and bad news on that front.

The Bad

Things have gotten so toxic and unbearable that I am now on stress leave. Let’s just leave it at that since I don’t want to get too negative in this post.

The Good

This means that I can work on Pacifica full time now for at least the next couple months! This is a chance for me to up my output and quality so that I can start supporting myself through art and writing!

So, what do I plan on doing?

The Future

We’re just a few pages away from the end of this chapter in the story. Once I wrap that up I plan on collecting everything I’ve completed so far into a nice PDF with larger images of the art and some concept stuff. That will be put up online somewhere for purchase and patrons will get a free copy.

After that comes the next chapter. I already have the beginning of outlined. I’ll be making some format and style changes that I hope will allow me to put out pages faster. The goal will be posting at least one page a month.

I have a few other ideas as well, but I don’t want to say too much about that. I’ll talk about it more when I can deliver it in a timely manner.

In short I’m very excited to expand this world that I’ve been working on and sharing with you all!

Thank you!

To sum up, I want to thank everyone who continues to follow the comic! I’m can’t wait to start getting some more stuff up on the site and I hope you all enjoy it.

If want advanced looks at the pages and other cool rewards like wallpapers, sketches, and more then check out my Patreon. Or if you’d like to leave a one time tip I also have a Ko-Fi.

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